TIP: Know that in a car crash, adjusters . . .

If you have bee in a car crash in Illinois, you will most likely be contacted by an insurance adjuster in regards to your personal injuries, and property damage. But as any Illinois personal injury lawyer knows, in a car crash. . .

. . . Insurance adjusters are not your friend.

Yes, it’s true. People sometimes act real friendly in order to manipulate you. And that’s exactly what insurance adjusters are trained to do if you are in a car crash in Illinois.

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In fact, if you have personal injuries from a car crash, that’s likely when adjusters will really turn on the charm.

And have no doubt about it – insurance adjusters are ONLY working for the insurance company.

Your friends don’t try to put you in the worse position possible.

But that’s what an insurance adjuster does. In fact, even if the insurance adjuster is one for your own insurance company, the adjuster really has only one goal in mind: to make sure you get as little as possible from the insurance company.

In contrast, the goal of your personal injury lawyer is to help you as much as possible. That’s one reason I wrote this article about tips if you’ve been injured in a car accident.

Do you friends record your conversations?

Do your friends record your conversations? Unless your name is Donald Trump, then the answer is probably “no.”

But insurance adjusters will record your conversations. And that’s true whether they work for your insurance company, or the other driver’s.

Many times they are recording your conversation with the intent of using it to try to figure out how to pay you less money.

Particularly in your have been injured in a car crash in Illinois, you don’t want to be uninformed with given recorded statements.

If you retain a car crash injury lawyer in Illinois, you can be prepared to decrease the chances that your recorded statements end up decreasing your recover.

Adjusters try to pay less for medical bills

As any Illinois personal injury lawyer knows, medical bills are a primary reason car crash victims hire lawyers.

Medical treatment is expensive. As you may know, sometimes people need emergency car, but other medical treatment is needed in the future.

An Illinois car crash lawyer can help make sure you are compensated for your futures expenses and pain, rather than just getting you paid for one emergency room visit.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, hiring an Illinois personal injury lawyer a good first step to protecting your rights and financial future.