In Chicago, watch for falling ice if . . .

If you are walking around downtown Chicago, you might want to watch fro falling ice. Falling ice can kill or severely injury someone it hits. So in Chicago, you should watch for falling ice if . . .

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If it is or was recently freezing, watch out

Ice builds up on the top of tall buildings – and in some case, on the sides as well.

Death is a real possibility if a person gets hit in the head, neck or spine from something like that.

So you need to watch out if it is freezing, or if it defrosting from being freezing in the past.

Are building owners thinking?

Building owners can get sued and possibly face huge liability if ice falls of their building an hurts somebody.

Today I was walking to court, and it was a bit over 32 degrees outside – just the right temperature for ice to melt off a building and fall on someone’s head.

I noticed at the Boeing headquarters they had those signs out in front warning people to watch for falling ice.

Then I looked up and noticed something. The Boeing buildings seems designed to collect ice and drop it on people’s heads. Not only does it have a lot of details and ledges, but it has some sort of decorative stuff that sticks out that can collect more ice. That’s not great.

Check it out:

Falling ice can hit hard

If you get hit by falling ice in Chicago, it can be quite an impact.

Take the Boeing building, for example. It is 561 feet tall. Ice falling from the roof to to the sidewalk would be traveling at around 126 mph at the time of impact.

Staring with a personal injury lawyer

If you or someone you know has been hit by falling ice, it can be a good idea to contact a personal injury lawyer in Illinois.

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