Been in a car accident? Make sure . . .

About 30% of people involved in a car accident sustain some sort of injury. And out of the people injured, around 20% will die as a result of the car accident. Yes, car crash can be dangerous.

There are some things you can do to protect your rights, and your well-being.

As car crash injury lawyers in Illinois, we want people to take the proper steps to protect themselves after a car crash. Below are some steps you can take.

1. STOP.

Leaving the scene of an accident is illegal. Also, if you leave, you will severely diminish your chances of recovering for any injury you suffered.


You want to be safe. So after a car crash you need to make sure that your safety is not further in jeopardy. Keep your warning lights on, use flashlights, and use cones if you have them.

Unless there is a safety concern, it is generally good to leave the vehicles where they are.


You might think you don’t need the police if there are no serious injuries.

But keep in mind, you or your passengers might have injuries that show up after you leave the scene. So you might have a case to recover damages.

Getting a police report can help a legal case to recover damages for a personal injury, such as those suffered in a car crash in Illinois.

The police might make certain records that are useful to a personal injury lawyer. They might write a police report, make certain observations, get quotes from people, and even take pictures.


When the police get there, you want to make sure you tell them all the important details of what occurred. Do the best you can, according to your memory. You want to make sure you don’t speculate, or make up things, because that could decrease your credibility.

Try to get the contact names of witness. If you cannot get their names, you can perhaps get their license plates, and your car crash injury lawyer can find their names later.

Sometimes, injuries how up after you leave the scene of an accident. In that case, it is a good idea to do some of the following things:

  1. Take pictures
  2. Go to the doctor
  3. Write down what is going on, with dates and times, as it happens
  4. Get witnesses to observe your condition


It is generally good to get as much information as possible about the other driver, and witnesses.

For each of the other drivers involved, considering trying to get the names, phone numbers, car make/model/license plate.

Witnesses also can be very useful, and you should try to get their names and phone numbers as well. It is also a good idea to write down witnesses’ license please in case you get some of the other information wrong.


You want to notify your insurance company as soon as you can. When you call an insurance company, they will likely record the phone call, so it is important that you make accurate statements.

It can be a good idea to call your Illinois car crash lawyer before speaking to the insurance company. For example, you can call us at 224-300-0529.

You should find out if you have coverage that will pay your medical benefits. They call this type of coverage “medpay.” Medpay coverage is generally used first to pay medical bills, then your health insurance coverage would kick in.


Most people know they should seek medical attention if they are bleeding, have bruises on their heads, or have broken bones.

But many people who don’t have those symptoms don’t go to the doctor.

That can be a bad mistake because injuries caused by car accidents can sometimes show up days after the accident.

Therefore, it’s generally a good idea to see a doctor soon after a car accident. The doctor might spot something you didn’t. Or maybe you’ll have realized you might have an injury by the time you go to the doctor.

Seeing a doctor helps create evidence that can help you in a personal injury case in Illinois.


It’s a good idea to keep all your car crash accident information in one place, if you can. For example, you can save all your information online, in something like or

Saving information that way will not only make things easier for you, but it will make the job easier for your Illinois car crash injury lawyer.


When you get in a car crash in Illinois, there are generally a bunch of people who are NOT on your side. If you get injured, you’ll be fighting all of them on your own.

That’s why you need an Illinois personal injury lawyer to deal with helping you get compensation for your car crash injuries.

Dealing with injuries from a car crash can be tough. But when you use a lawyer, you are helping to protect your rights.

An Illinois personal injury lawyer will help make sure you are informed. For example, if you have been injured in a car accident in Illinois, you might want to read this article about car accident insurance adjusters.

And you don’t pay the lawyer until you collect.