I’m a car crash lawyer in Illinois, but check this out –

Even though I’m a “car crash” lawyer in Illinois, I do handle other types of personal injury cases. So I can’t help but notice dangerous conditions around Chicago. And you might be surprised about this one . . .

I was in Cook County Circuit Court just the other day, and as I’m walking over to the Thompson Center (aka the “upside-down spaceship”), I see a major hazard. And this is at a government building.

So I put it on my ‘Gram. Check this out:

On government property?

The Thompson Center owned by the State of Illinois. That cracked paving stone you see is right in a major pedestrian thoroughfare, with hundreds of people walking over it and on it every day.

It’s too bad the government-owned building doesn’t do a better job of watching out for hazardous conditions like this.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone trips on that and sustains a serious injury. For example, a person could break his or her ankle on something like that. Heck, someone could be carried away from this building with an ankle as ugly as the building itself!