If you are in a car crash, don’t admit . . .

If you are get into a car crash, you might talk to a number of people. The other driver, maybe witnesses, your insurance company, and maybe even the police. But if you are in a car crash in Illinois, there is something that you don’t want to admit . . .

Don’t admit fault

Getting in a car crash can be confusing. Maybe you don’t really know what happened. Maybe you are trying to be nice. You might want to be apologize.

There there is certainly one thing you don’t want to do.

Don’t admit fault.

If the crash is your fault, then that will be worked out by the insurance companies.

But you will really be harming your personal injury case if you admit the accident was your fault, but it wasn’t.

You might be wrong

Even if you think the accident is your fault, you could be wrong.

Let’s say you think that you accidentally ran a red light, and you t-boned someone.

So you think the car accident is your fault.

But you might be wrong. Or the accident might be party your fault, but part someone else’s fault.

For example:

  1. The other drive was intoxicated
  2. The other drive was illegally using a mobile phone
  3. The other drive fell asleep
  4. etc

If any of those things happened, then it is quite possible that the accident was caused – at least in part – by the other driver.

Get a personal injury lawyer

Sometimes people get into situations that are a bit more complicated than they anticipate.

Before you hurt your possible legal case for personal injury, contact it is a good idea to contact an Illinois personal injury lawyer to discuss your car accident.

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